My Background

I never really had much of a struggle with my weight until my early 30s. While dealing with a failed marriage and single fatherhood of 4 kids, I turned to food for comfort; in a BIG way. Comfort food brought comfort and many extra pounds that I still struggle to lose.

Communication Through Media

After spending my time depressed or taking care of others (or depressed WHILE taking care of others), I have decided to reach out and tell  my story while engaging in new activities and hobbies. Photography, videography, cycling and running have become vehicles for my renewed love of life!

Sharing my Story

Cameras, such as my Go Pro Hero 7 Black and my Canon 80D, serve as my means of sharing my story.  With these tools, and some sweet software, I will tell of my struggles and victories as my weight loss fight--and my fight to live the fullest life possible--wear on.